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Technical Standard Orders (TSO) Lookup

For TSO parts that you can steadily rely on throughout your operations, Limitless Purchasing is your sourcing solution. TSO parts, or Technical Standard Order parts, are those that have been produced in accordance with performance standards that have been published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

On our website, customers can find a variety of TSO parts and components that we have sourced from top global aviation parts manufacturers, including highly sought-after TSP parts such as TSO-C95A, TSO-C57A, TSO-C72C, TSO-C39A, TSO-C39B. If there are any particular items from our database that you wish to procure, you may submit an Instant RFQ form as provided on our website. Within 15 minutes or less upon receiving your request, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you with a personalized solution to your unique requirements. Get started on the Technical Standard Order part procurement process today and experience why customers choose to shop at Limitless Purchasing for their TSO parts and other operational needs.

TSO No. TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Name RFQ
tso-c95a l-3 communications avioni black bezel, internal attitude gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34600-0401(first in series), RFQ
tso-c57a bosch security systems, i N/A air-3000 300048-( ), 760 64400-( ) 70470-( ), 750 64300-( ), 71060-( ), air 3100l: 300444-( ), pev-77, p/n 61563-020, 300272-( ), air 3500( ), p/n 300400-( ), anr 500, p/n 300735-( ), air 3100l: 300448-( ), anr-150, p/n 300714-( ), 64400-xxx, 64300-xxx, 61563-xxx, 301317-xxx, 300714-xxx, 300448-xxx, RFQ
tso-c72c b/e aerospace inc. flotation seat cushions c-107, c-105, c-103, c-101, c-106, RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. prestige class seat dbl ctr ars-311, p/n 145-3263-405, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. sgl rh m std 0.8 in o/s otbd w f44a33 (for berth position only), p/n f4439a3s406-402, RFQ
tso-c63c telephonics installation kits da-1503b, da-1503b, da1503b, da1503b, RFQ
tso-c165 rockwell international av integrated modular avionics ta imat-6000, 810-0181-1b0001, RFQ
tso-c127 ki holdings co., ltd. seat top assy tpl with special ars-596, p/n 83236b17873-416, ars-596, p/n 83236b17916-416, ars-596, p/n 83236b17916a416, ars-596, p/n 83236b17873a416, RFQ
tso-c124a honeywell international i N/A 971-4193-( ), 980-4120-( ), 979-0214-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc aft attendant seat (fwd facing 41271001-103( ), 41221001-119( ), 41221001-116( ), 41221001-105( ), 41142001-137, 41142001-135, 41142001-133, 41142001-131, 41142001-129, 41142001-127, 41142001-123, 41142001-121, 41142001-119, 41142001-117, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. triple lh with in-arm table ars-465, p/n 83-201b6161-403, ars-347, p/n 83-166b3625-403, RFQ
tso-c127a b/e aerospace inc. aircraft seat forward facing, model be7.2-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. full flat seat single row 5 rh ars-657, p/n 83254b11351-421, RFQ
tso-c26c loral systems group aircr N/A 2611205-1/2607825-2, 2609472-3 mc, 2609801-1/2610262-1, 2610181-2/2610132-2, 2610701-2/2610702-2, 2610485-1, 2610262-1 mc, 2610182-2, 2610181-2/2610182-2, 2611201-1/2611202-1/2611205-2, 2609472-3/2609471-2,-3, 2610181-2, 2610132-2, 2609801-1, 2610002-1, 2609801-1/2610002-1, 2609801-1/2606672-2,-3,-4 RFQ
tso-c127 b/e aerospace inc. seat 8 page listing of model numbers (approx 300), RFQ
tso-c5c northrop grumman, litton ltn-72rl inu 460500-01-xx, 460500-01-xx-xxx, 460500-02-xx, 460500-03-xx, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. dbl otbd last row lh ars-707, p/n 83262b18000-405, ars-707, p/n 83262b18266-405, RFQ
tso-c9 astronautics corporation N/A p1-tc( ), p2a-h( ), p2-c( ), p2a-c( ), RFQ
tso-c9c rockwell collins onboard maintenance system tab model omst-6000, p/n 810-0099-1t0001, RFQ
tso-c106 innovative solutions & su aiu 9b81040-22, RFQ
tso-c62e bridgestone corporation aircraft tire apr01790, apr04790, apr07750, apr06930, apr06930, RFQ
tso-c4c avidyne corporation iru software 510-00773-( ), RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. b-747 sleeper seat ars-289, p/n 124-1661-404, ars-289, p/n 124-1659-406, ars-289, p/n 124-1660-404, ars-289, p/n 124-1660-403, ars-289, p/n 124-1659-405, ars-289, p/n 124-1661-403, RFQ
tso-c72b schlobohm company, inc. N/A 86, 731, 6900, 66a, 66, 50, 86a, 333, 450, 403a, 962, 9955a, 9955b, 403, 88, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems shim ? corner p/n st4m172, RFQ
tso-c39b geven srl N/A av06()-(), av05()-(), av04()-(), av07()-(), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems nut, floating, swage, self loc 3m240-(*), RFQ
tso-c101 rockwell collins data concentrator unit model dcu-268, p/n 822-1846-002, RFQ
tso-c36b elliott brothers(london) N/A ad260, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems washer, concave ps-1-5237-(*), RFQ
tso-c110a l-3 communications avioni rack, flight display 9200-22600-( ) where 9200-22600-01 is the first in the series, RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac single seat assembly, wide, rh 41288002-105-( )-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a b/e aerospace inc. 747 ud seat, rh exit be15.0-2-58, 1012101-014ej05, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems anchor nut, one lug, deep c'bo km2600-(*), RFQ
tso-c175 korita aviation (suzhou) standard unit su1001, su1001-101( ), su1001,su1001-104( ), RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies, inc. ae gang channel nut c163-4-6-32-72, rg18b4jl8-32, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. dbl std otbd lh w/o table & tv ars-647, p/n 83253b11199-411, ars-647, p/n 83253b15483-411, ars-651, p/n 83253b15494-407, ars-651, p/n 83253b11233-407, RFQ
tso-c9c ge aviation system llc N/A 7650b 140180-01-01, 7650c 140540-01-01, 7000e, 6502, 3335b 141300-01-02, 2152l 140070-01-01, 145974-01-04, 9000c-( ) 145974-01-03, RFQ
tso-c72c regent aerospace corp. bottom cushion assembly, narro 885788-07, RFQ
tso-c113 bendix general aviation control panel 8056522-0501, RFQ
tso-c115 rockwell international av N/A fmc-851a 622-8682-001, efd-871 622-9345-008, icc-4000 622-9813-001, -002, efd-871 622-9345-010, efd-871 622-9345-02520, efd-871 622-9345-026, efd-871 622-9345-027, efd-871 622-9345-029, fmc-4000 622-9824-001, -002, -004, fmc-852c 622-9926-206, fmc-851 622-9925-204, fmc-852.622-9926-204, fmc-851a 622 RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. dbl std 1.0" o/s special fitti ars-694, p/n 83246b17230-402, RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. dbl..lh . ars-838, p/n 83299b19670-401, RFQ
tso-c11d kidde-graviner ltd. N/A 51218-014/246, 51228-014/246, 51238-014/246, 51291-151/-152/-153/-154/-155/-156/-157/-158/-159/-160/-161/-162/-163/-164/-165/-166/-167/-168/-169/-170/-171/-172/-173/-174/-175/-176/-178/-179/-180, 51653-177, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. economy class tpl 3" nrw 2" of ars-446, p/n 83-187b6262-403, RFQ
tso-c72c c&d zodiac inc (cancelled rh f/c double seat assembly 41412012-101, RFQ
tso-c49a eldec corporation commutator 9-128028-01, RFQ
tso-c40c l-3 communications avioni electronic standby instrument gh-3900.2 release 1.4, p/n 9200-34900-( )( ), gh-3900.2 release 1.4, p/n 9200-34800-( )( ), RFQ
tso-c2d avionix N/A 2a110 (xxxxxx), RFQ
tso-c39c brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, center, ad model b1000s 70768-401-( ), RFQ
tso-c165 aspen avionics config module image 300-00001-[ ], RFQ
tso-c9c avidyne corporation dfc mounting tray 700-00172-( ), RFQ
tso-c43 kollzman/ids avionics gro N/A 31657-( ), 37802-( ), 33987-( ), 33986-( ), 33985-( ), 33984-( ), 33982-( ), 31655-( ), 31651-( ), 39802-( ), RFQ
tso-c43c electronics international engine data converter (edc) fo edc-33p-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a b/e aerospace inc. rh tpl in front of dbl, no i/b be16.2-3-59, 1014424-004je09, RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. economy class tpl upper deck w ars-276, p/n 117-1481-405f, RFQ
tso-c40c val avionics ltd. integrated navigation system ins 422, RFQ
tso-c10b astronautics corp. of ame mounting tray p/n 273400-( ) where 273400-1 is the first in a series, RFQ
tso-c3e cmc electronics inc. up-front control panel (ufcp) 100-655001-001, 100-655001-000, -001, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems insert-ratchet face ca12137-101, ca12137-( ), ca12137m, RFQ
tso-c148 air industries corporatio pin 121877-( ), 100-147-( ), 100-051-( ), p/n 3d0097( )( )( )( ), hs2016-( )-( )( )( ), hs61-( )-( ), hs62-( )-( ), hs92( )( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems nut, 2 lug, self-locking inver st3m477-(*), RFQ
tso-c87 u.b. corporation N/A ad43011-01, ad43011-12, ad43013-( ), RFQ
tso-c124a l-3 communications solid state flight data record 2100-4040-00, software version 840-e3552-01, RFQ
tso-c144 antcom corp active gps/iridium antenna 5g1516xxrrx-aa-xttt-1 series, RFQ
tso-c88b trig avionics limited tc978 front panel controller 00808-00-(xx), RFQ
tso-c127 ki holdings co., ltd. seat top assy tpl 3in narrow l ars-596, p/n 83236b17918-401, ars-596, p/n 83236b17918a401, ars-596, p/n 83236b17875-401, ars-596, p/n 83236b17875a401, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl rh std w/o one table and o y21a23, p/n y2151a25407-402, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems int. threaded nuts, specificat vn2648( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4803( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4735( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4738( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4742( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4745( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4752( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4758( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4722( )( ) voi-shan series, vn4809( )( ) voi-shan series, RFQ
tso-c66c cmc electronics inc. c4x integrated avionics system 100-602580-102, RFQ
tso-c39 flight equipment & engine N/A 651-3( ), 645-3( ), 647( ), 648( ), 649( ), 650-3( ), 650( ), 646-4( ), 652( ), 700( ), 701( ), 901-3( ), 901( ), 902-3, a12-3h, 617( ), a22-h, 621-3, 463-3, 501b, 600, 601, 601-3, 602, 603, 633-3( ), 603a-3, 604, 604-3, 604g, 617-3( ), 462, 627-1, 619( ), 632-1, 631-1, 630-1, 629-3, 644-4( ), 628-1 RFQ
tso-c157 avidyne corporation acd215 control display unit 700-00150-( ), RFQ
tso-c90c integrated technologies, prowall uld container 2383-0100-0002, 2383-0100-0001, RFQ
tso-c52a smiths industries N/A 4058ac/e 149155-01-02, 3335b 141300-01-02, 4058ac/a/b/e 149150-( ), 4060p 139001-01, 6502e, 4055k 139602-01, RFQ
tso-c66c h.r. smith ltd. techtest N/A 10-203( ), RFQ
tso-c46a l-3 communications avioni black bezel, internal attitude gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34600-0401(first in series), RFQ
tso-c153 honeywell international, flight control module model fcm, p/n 7028272-( ), RFQ
tso-c39c brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, hdcp, e/r b1000s, 70696-464-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 talley actuators fitting-cargo tie down track 11251-20, 11251-55, 11251-15, 11251-10, RFQ
tso-c39c b/e aerospace inc. suite assy, rh ob std, pwr fee be17.0-1-45, p/n 1013190-036 en09, RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc single seat assembly, wide, lh 41286001-105-( )-( )-( ), 41286002-213-( )-( )-( ), 41286001-301-( )-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. sleeper seat dbl lh ars-507, p/n 83-214b6659-401, RFQ
tso-c148 cherry aerospace llc skin fastener, unthreaded hr3105-t ( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c2d astronautics corp. of ame software 262505-(), RFQ
tso-c6e honeywell international i inertial reference unit (iru) p/n hg2195bb( ) where hg2195bb55 is the first in a series, p/n hg2100bd( ), RFQ
tso-c10b ge aviation system llc N/A 4440a7 314200-07-01, 4442a4, 4442a3 314202-03-01, 4442a2 314202-02-01, 4442a1 314202-01-01, 4441a3 314201-03-01, 4441a1 314201-01-01, 4440a2 314200-02-01, 4440a8 314200-08-01, 4442a6 314202-06-01, 4440a6 314200-06-01, 4440a5 314200-05-01, 4440a4 314200-04-01, 4440a4, 4440a3 314200-03-01, 4440a20 314 RFQ
tso-c39c goodrich cabin seating sy forward and aft facing executi model 5005( ), model 5004( ), RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc rh t/c double aft row seat ass 41122002-104, RFQ
tso-c25 pan air corporation N/A pac 162 type 1p, pac 2 type 2p, RFQ
tso-c38 turner aircraft radio, in N/A 230c-1, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl rh no rec 1.5 in upright w ars-849, p/n y7157b3a408-402, RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. prestige class seat dbl lh n ars-311, p/n 145-3264-401, RFQ
tso-c34c alliedsignal, inc. N/A rn-242, sc-883, nc-104a, nc-105b, np-2041a 4000896-( ), ps243a, ria-32a, ria-35a, ria-35a 2041230-3518/3520/3521, rn-260b rn-262b,cn-269a,mt-263b,mt-265a, mta-332, rna-34af 3614303-3401, mta-34a 2041276-( ), sd-442b, sg-101a, sg-101a 3614311-1004, sg-101b, sg-101b 3614335-1004/1005/1006/1007, 1008/1 RFQ
tso-c90c taiwan fylin industrial c air cargo net model 14a, p/n 14a0000-xx series, model 13a, p/n 13a0000-xx series, model 12a, p/n 12a0000-xx series, RFQ
tso-c175 korita aviation (suzhou) drink cart, half size cd1017, cd1017-201( ), RFQ

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